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A writer and editor with experience in corporate communications, travel/leisure, and the nonprofit sector

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Environmental Practices and Economic Impacts

Turning Stone’s Shenendoah, Kaluhyat and Atunyote golf courses are officially certified Signature Sanctuaries by Audubon International for demonstrating continued commitment to the environment. These eco-friendly courses meet extensive standards for protecting water quality and conserving natural resources and were designed to safeguard existing wetlands, native plant life and animal habitats.

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Point Place's People

After a highly successful 30-year career in sales, Jay Koch could have easily retired. “But I was looking for something different – something new,” he says. That “something different” turned out to be PPC’s 2017 hiring event, at which he applied for his current position of slot service rep. In this role, Jay helps orient new guests to the gaming floor, explaining how to use the machines and their Rewards cards, and pointing out the casino’s many offerings.

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March 2020 Report

From expansions and renovations at its flagship properties, to new construction and acquisitions, the Oneida Indian Nation’s recent reinvestments in Central New York are showing a measurable positive impact on small businesses throughout the region. Partnering with Cicero’s family-run Hall Island Distillery, Point Place Casino in Bridgeport now offers the company's small-batch Triple E Vodka on its cocktail menus.

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Playgroup NSW Member Stories

In July, Playgroup NSW celebrated its 45th anniversary. That’s more than four decades of dedication to supporting families and strengthening local communities through playgroups. To mark the occasion, we spoke with some of our members who fondly recall attending playgroup as youngsters. Now parents themselves, they’re enjoying the experience with their own children and appreciating the benefit of playgroup from a grown-up perspective.

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Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Directly off bustling Oxford Street, this award-winning urban oasis is of the “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” variety, but well worth a quick visit. Once a major reservoir that served a rapidly growing city in the 1800s, the space has been thoroughly reimagined as a leafy retreat. Sitting just below street level, it is home to a verdant sunken garden set amongst the structure’s original stone-arch framework, lending an air clearly reminiscent of Roman ruins — with a modern twist.

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Explore Terelj National Park, Ulaanbaatar's Backcountry Getaway

In his 1997 novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami writes, "Dawn in Mongolia was an amazing thing. In one instant, the horizon became a faint line suspended in the darkness, and then the line was drawn upward, higher and higher. It was as if a giant hand had stretched down from the sky and slowly lifted the curtain of night from the face of the earth. It was a magnificent sight, far greater in scale...than anything that I, with my limited human faculties, could fully comprehend." Though you're likely not going to witness such a thing in the nation's congested capital of Ulaanbaatar, you don't have to travel far from the city to get a hint of what Murakami describes.